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Helping your marriage start off right

There are so many tasks that go into a wedding. How many can you list? But have you thought about after the wedding and the honeymoon? Take the time to invest in premarital assessments and/or premarital counseling and make sure that your wedding kiss lasts a lifetime!

Wedding Pastors USA recommends the following Marriage Preparation resources. All of these can be done on your own time, and in the privacy of your own home. You may also choose to share this information with a marriage counselor or your pastor. Investing in your marriage now will instantly propel you into a category that is 30% more likely to succeed in marriage than those who do not invest in this way!

Invest in your most important relationship today... you'll thank us in ten years!


Couple Checkup

Online Assessment  —  $29.95

The Couple Checkup is an online assessment designed to help you and your partner build a more satisfying and intimate relationship. Just answering the questions will stimulate thoughts and attitudes about your relationship. It is designed to activate dialogue, discovery, and increase the overall quality of your relationship.

The Couple Checkup will help you discover your strengths as a couple. Strengths are what enable you to enjoy, and to continue developing, a healthy relationship. It will also help you identify issues that are threatening the vitality of your relationship and may need to be addressed.

Prepare To Last

Online Assessment, DVDs, Workbooks  —  $99.95

Now parents and loved ones can give the most important gift a couple can receive - a strong start on a life of love and friendship. Couples will find a full spectrum of user-friendly tools for launching a lifetime of fulfillment and relationship success in the Prepare To Last Couples Gift Pack.

Love Talk

Online Assessment  —  $29.95

The Love Talk Indicator Individual Report is the most powerful communication assessment for identifying, understanding, and maximizing your talk style within your relationship. Identify your Fear Factor Index, your Love Talk Profile, your Personal Talk Style, and more with this online assessment.


Empowering Couples Empowering Couples:
Building on Your Strengths

David H. Olson & Amy K. Olson-Sigg
Love Talk Love Talk:
Speak Each Other's Language Like You Never Have Before

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott
Going All the Way Going All the Way:
Preparing for a Marriage That Goes the Distance

Craig Groeschel
Building Your Mate's Self-Esteem Building Your Mate's Self-Esteem
Dennis & Barbara Rainey
The Five Love Languages The Five Love Languages:
The Secret to Love that Lasts

Dr. Gary Chapman
Learning to Live With the Love of Your Life Learning to Live With the Love of Your Life
...and Loving It

Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D.
Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts:
Seven Questions to Ask Before and After You Marry

Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott
The First Five Years of Marriage The First Five Years of Marriage:
Launching a Lifelong, Successful Relationship

Phillip J. Swihart & Wilford Wooten